La Rentrée est demain!!!! Reposez vous ce soir!

Bienvenue parents et élèves à l'année  2017-2018

I hope you all had a wonderful and safe summer and are looking forward to the new school year ahead.  I am excited to announce that I, Melissa Boyer, will be your child's French teacher for the year. This entails teaching them social studies, science and the arts all in French.

I will be using this website as a means of communication with you and your children.  I will keep you posted with what we are doing in the class and any important and upcoming events. 
You can also visit our school website  for further information and to view the school calendar. 

I will also be posting photos and what the students will be working on in class so you can prompt them at home about their week.

Lunches: Just a reminder that we are a NUT FREE school and have many students in the class with severe allergies. Also we are very proud of our Gold status for Eco Schools, due to that we are trying to minimize our garbage in the classroom. Therefore, we will be doing a boomerang lunches, any garbage that can't be recycled or composted will be returning home

We can only compost 4 things: Fruit, Vegetables, Paper Towel and Kleenex.

Classroom environment
I believe in an environment where students feel safe and comfortable to express themselves and learn through hands on activities and rich tasks. They will be working in a collaborative manner and will have a hand in their learning through inquiry and consolidation. We will also be using a variety of technological devices that your students will access daily. Each child has a google email that they can use to send documents to their classmates and teachers. I will be starting a positive incentive for my students to practice and use French as much as they can. They will receive Boyer Billets for their effort and I will draw out a name every two weeks and that student can choose their reward.

I like to keep homework to a minimum outside of school as the students work so hard during the day. The students will be using KidBlog to contribute to weekly discussions with their classmates. If you would like extra work, please let me know.

I will post anything that is expected from them as early as I can, i.e. tests, activities to do at home, homework. 
That said if your child has missed or needs extra time to complete their work, then I will contact you and send it home.

I emphasize the importance of experiencing the French language on a daily basis through a variety of means, reading, watching and listening to French radio, television, to name a few. I will be posting websites that offer great resources and activities to use at home.

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If you ever have any concerns or questions please don't hesitate to contact me either on this blog or via my email
I check my emails often during the school day and for a few hours later. I will do my best to respond that day, and if not I will the following day.
Looking forward to meeting you all,

Melissa Boyer 


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