Our Grade 5 class will be paying it forward and giving back to our community through a lost art, that has become a trend yet againg..... Crocheting!!!!!!

As we don't want to fundraise and ask for $$$$ from our school we have decided to advertise to the community that we are looking for yarn, wool, and crochet hooks!  We have lots of experts in the class that will be leaders and teaching our fellow classmates, and TEACHERS ha ha!!! The role is reversed!

Our plan will begin by making smaller squares to use for dish cloths, or hot plates. If you or another family member you know that will be willing to volunteer and come show our students how to crochet we would love to have you!!!

As our skills improve we will be advancing onto further more challenging items, clothes, blankets, hats, socks, and donating these to hospitals and shelters and other places in our community!
As some of our students know how to knit, we encourage them to continue with that. I would love to learn both!!

Thanks again for all your support and we are all so excited to help out our community, challenge ourselves and to learn a new skill!

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